Who We Are
We are a game development studio, and since 2014 our focus is Virtual Reality. We were able to establish ourselves as a reference in Latin America in the past few years, and we work hard to honor that. At IMGNATION, we love to create great fun games and to shape VR.

Our History
We started in 2007 as an illustration and design studio, and in 2010 we evolved into a full game development team. In 2014, we were invited by Samsung and Oculus to be one of the launch titles – with our game "Dodge This!” – for their mobile VR product: the Gear VR. This was our kickstart in virtual reality, and it changed our focus to become a VR development studio. In 2015, we were part of Game Founders, the best acceleration and mentorship program for game studios. During that time, we were one of the finalists for the Slush 100 start-up competition, in Helsinki. In 2016, we went to Boost VC, the leading accelerator for VR companies in the Silicon Valley. IMGNATION is committed to be a reference in the virtual reality field, and we are proud to be partners of companies like HTC, Valve, Sony, Oculus, OSVR, and Samsung.

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