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Rio Grande do Sul is one of the pioneer states in the production of digital games in Brazil and is currently a national reference in the game development market. In 2012, in an event promoted by the state government of Rio Grande do Sul, a large number of these companies founded ADJOGOSRS - Associação de Desenvolvedores de Jogos Digitais do Rio Grande do Sul (Association of Developers of Digital Games in Rio Grande do Sul). An association built with the purpose of promoting the industry in Rio Grande do Sul of digital game development,

through various actions ranging from interlocutions seeking to obtain government or private incentives, sharing and stimulating information from all associated sectors: students, professionals and companies for technical improvements of our professionals, building events that demonstrate all the potential that the production of a game can provide for the growth of several economic sectors for the state and consequently for the country.

Current Board

Everton Vieira


BA in Systems Analysis from Universidade Católica de Pelotas in 1999, he started his career in the digital games industry in 2003. As a partner at Gestum, one of the five largest Educational Technology companies in the country, he was responsible for the creation of the Serious division Games, developing planning and software architecture for more than 30 projects.
In 2010 founded Izyplay Game Studio, where he currently holds the position of Creative Director, being responsible for more than 20 projects, including own games and advergames.

Orlando Fonseca Jr.

Vice - President

Partner and Founder of Imgnation.

Ivan Sendin

Executive Director and Finances

Graduated in Digital Games at Feevale, coordinated the technical course for digital games at FTEC in 2015/2017 period and is for 7 years now the executive director of ADjogosRS and 10 years of Epopeia Games

Eduardo Saffer


Partner and Founder of Canvas Games and Data Analyst at Rockhead Games. Since 2012 working in the Free To Play area as programmer, game designer and producer in more than 10 games.

Guilherme Gonçalves


Partner and Founder of Hermit Crab.

Eduardo Pras


Graduated in Visual Arts from the Federal University of Rio Grande in 2011.
Since 2014 coordinates Beta 2 Games where projects, assets and animations are developed for the national and international market.

Diversity Committee

Members Benefits

Check out some of the main benefits available to members in different membership options.

Official Channels

Official ADJogos channels on Discord and Facebook where members have the opportunity to:

  • Exchange production and market information
  • Receive feedback for produced games
  • Receive articles and lectures from the games industry
  • Receive job opportunities
  • Receive partnership opportunities with ADJogos
  • Respond to surveys and reports to evolve actions in our market


Subsidies and aid for participation in renowned events, such as:

  • Gamescom - GAMERS - Development Secretary - 90% discount at the Brazil Games / SEBRAERS stand - 30% on tickets and accommodation;
  • Big Festival - ADJOGOS -20% discount on matchmaking tickets / SBBRAERS - 50% discount on tickets, accommodation and tickets;
  • Gamejam + - Mentor and evaluator of developed games;
  • Universities - Lecture and/or evaluate portfolios and games;


Frees Private Mentoring with partners and collaborators specialized in production and/or market of the most experienced associated companies in the Rio Grande do Sul game industry

Global Games Sebrae Project (Extra Cost)

Possibility of subscription to integration and participation in the Global Games SEBRAE Project, with the following benefits:

  • BIG FESTIVAL - 50% discount on travel tickets, accommodation and entrance tickets for 1 company representative
  • Gamescom - 30% discount on travel tickets for 1 company representative
  • Training - 20h of Private Consultations - with National and International specialists in Game Production and Game Market
  • 8h Face-to-face Workshops with National and International Game Production and Game Market specialists

Who can join?

• Any individual who wants to become a gaming company, even if it is just one person in the company
• Any company that operates in the gaming area, in both execution or third party partner


R$ 70


Individuals without CNPJ who have the desire to have and live from their gaming company, even if it is only with 1 person

R$ 100


MEI who have the desire to live with income from game production

R$ 130


MEI or SIMPLES who have a lot of experience in the gaming market and already live on the industry

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